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Meg Stuart & Doug Weiss with Mariana Carvalho

Any dancer at the level of Meg Stuart is bound to collect an immense, mysterious, and sometimes monstrous reservoir of body memories over the course of their life. The ballad – a song of longing and defiance – is the main starting point for this intimate dance concert, based on improvisation.

Accompanied by jazz bassist Doug Weiss and pianist Mariana Carvalho, the European-American choreographer embarks on a journey into movement and sound. Together, they strip down songs into small, meaningful gestures. The light design by Emese Csornai becomes a fourth player, adapting to unpredictable elements in each venue. In “All the Way Around”, Meg Stuart, who has played a key role in shaping contemporary dance since the 1990s, provides deep insight into the structures of her unique way of thinking about movement. She plays the range of her emotional body, going with and against the nostalgia and lyricism of the ballad form, riding the waves between the almost remembered and the unknown.

60 mins.

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Additional information
Production: Damaged Goods.
Participating artists
Meg Stuart & Doug Weiss (Konzept)
Meg Stuart (Choreografie, Tanz)
Doug Weiss (Bass) (Musik)
Mariana Carvalho (Piano) (Musik)
Emese Csornai (Lichtdesign)
Tom De Langhe (Technische Koordination)
Mor Demer (Outside Eye)