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"Identity Crisis. Why doubt is the beginning of reinvention - for us and our society" - book premiere

At the moment, the really big questions are being discussed: In which direction is our society moving? How do we get through the climate, energy, economic and migration crises? Do we absolutely have to abolish capitalism - or maintain it in order to survive? To what extent do the crimes of the past affect the present? Whose responsibility is it to find solutions to these questions? And who or what can we still believe at all? What is clear is that everything is in upheaval.

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: ALICE HASTERS
© Paula Winkler

In her new book, Identity Crisis, Alice Hasters proclaims that questions about society are always questions about individual identity. If we want to change society, we first have to determine: Who are we really and what do we do when the systems that have surrounded us until now, promising security, future and justice, break away? Identity crises are exhausting, yet unavoidable, even necessary - and they are much more bearable if you recognize and accept them for what they are: a time of doubt, self-search, processing and, above all, reinvention.

"Identity Crisis" will be published by hanserblau Verlag on May 15, 2023.

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