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Alexander Osang & Bettina Wegner

With her lyrics, Bettina Wegner puts the human condition into words. She gave her life for music and is one of the strongest voices of her time, a voice that also wanted to express what moves her away from the stage. However, in the country of the real existing SED dictatorship, this brought her harassment, spying and finally expatriation.

Now the singer-songwriter and poet, who is known far beyond the borders of Germany and who has performed with Joan Baez, Konstantin Wecker and Angelo Branduardi, among others, is giving the journalist and author Alexander Osang exciting insights into her eventful biography, her views, insights, plans and projects.

In its discussion format, the PALACE OF TRÄNEN presents two personalities who have something to say to each other. Different areas, professions and characters meet here. The viewers are live witnesses of this encounter, which entertains with quick wit and wit and is carried by genuine interest in the other person.

This show is only played in German.

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