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The Ajam Quartet imagines and develops new ways to blend classical music from Europe and the Middle East together. In this way, the musicians reflect the intercultural reality of today and invent the sound of tomorrow.

Ajam is one of the eight main scales of Arabic music, but was adopted from foreign tradition. The literary meaning of the word is "except Arabic". This double meaning of the word "Ajam" in relation to the name of the quartet defines the musical concept of the ensemble.

The Ajam Quartet experiments with different cultural elements. Whether through new interpretations of traditional Middle Eastern songs or European classical pieces: the musicians reflect the intercultural reality of today. Oud, violin, double bass and percussion form the sound of the ensemble and songs such as Alf Layla wa Layla and Ave Maria, Raqset Sitti and Für Elise are part of their repertoire. In 2021, the Ajam Quartet recorded its first album "Migrating Tunes", in which it presents its artistic agenda.


The quartet consists of four friends who met in Berlin, each with their own story.

The oud player Wassim Mukdad came to Berlin from Damascus in 2016. He studied medicine and music in Syria. Because of his political activities, he was persecuted by the government and had to flee the country. His strength lies in Arabic classical music.

Violinist Alexey Kochetkov was born into a Russian-Jewish family in Smolensk. In his homeland he played European classical music, but while studying at the Music Academy in Jerusalem he discovered his passion for Arabic and Turkish music. Alexey has been at home in Berlin since 2014. His playing is characterized by virtuosity and the art of improvisation.

The Nuremberg percussionist Peter Kuhnsch studied percussion at the Leipzig University of Music and has experience with early music, jazz and world music. He is an uncompromising rhythm engine that gets the quartet and the listeners moving.

Haifa-born bassist Or Rozenfed played jazz and funk before coming to Berlin to find his place in the music business. Here the intercultural scene welcomed him. Or brings powerful energy to the stage, even when playing Bach, Beethoven or Maqam music.

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