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Werner Herzog" Film Series

Herzog's first venture into the Peruvian rainforest, not without controversy. On location, he staged the delusional enterprise of a Spanish conquistador who seeks the fabled Eldorado and sets out to found an ideal state with a new race of men.

KEY VISUAL Deutsche Kinemathek
KEY VISUAL Deutsche Kinemathek © Marian Stefanowski,

A conqueror, not an adventurer, he pursues his goal ruthlessly and lawlessly without scruples and fails in the end, drifting alone on the river with a herd of monkeys towards doom. Imperialism and hubris, contempt for humanity and ignorance are the themes, the greatest possible authenticity the goal. It was Herzog's first collaboration with Klaus Kinski, the ideal cast for Besessene.

BRD 1972, Director: Werner Herzog

95 minutes / 35mm / Ome

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Price: €8.50
Kino Arsenal im Filmhaus (Sony-Center)