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African filmmakers provide the material for debates on emancipation and empowerment that deal with the relevant future questions of this time. These questions range from the idea of how people in the Global South would like to live in the future to the discussion about the effects of digitalization, networking and social development from an African perspective.

What could a polycentric, networked world of the future look like, in which the world's innovative centers are no longer just in the "West", but also in the African metropolises of the Global South?

In addition to these questions, which the festival explores in a filmic way, current film highlights will once again be shown this year, which premiered at major international festivals such as Cannes and some of which will soon be shown in German cinemas.

At the end of the four-year thematic focus "URBAN AFRICA", AFRIKAMERA presents a selection of cinematic (future) visions from the metropolises of Africa that outline a future beyond the usual Western imagination.

AFRIKAMERA has been taking place in Berlin since 2008 with annually changing thematic focuses and sees itself as a platform for current African cinema in the capital. In order to represent African cinema in all its diversity, AFRIKAMERA cooperates with the major African film festivals from Marrakech to Durban.
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