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Edith Steyer - alto sax

Declan Forde - piano
Maike Hilbig  - bass
Martial Frenzel -  drums

Inspired by John Carpenter's phantasmagorical mania for underscoring his films with synthesizer sounds of the extraterrestrial eighties, the ensemble acts with wit and flair and refers to themes such as modern industrialisation and the dystopia of today.
Composed and improvised music of the third kind.

For more than six decades, the science fiction adventures of Perry Rhodan have thrilled and fascinated generations of readers. The sophisticated crack drawings, which depict spaceships and other technical innovations in great detail, have also become legendary. The crack drawings are based on technical drawings of the present without taking physical, scientific knowledge into account.
Participating artists
Edith Steyer - alto sax Declan Forde - piano Maike Hilbig - bass Martial Frenzel - drums