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On October 4th, the Berliner Antike-Kolleg will be hosting the 6th Antiquity Slam together with the Vorderasian Museum. It invites antiquity scholars to present their research in front of a spectacular backdrop: the setting is the Ishtar Gate in the Pergamon Museum.

The Antiquity Slam is a science slam specifically for and around ancient studies.


  • Frederic Auth "Family friends in the last tavern before the border"
  • Gösta Ingvar Gabriel "Where is Ishtar on the Ishtar Gate?"
  • Ronja Lau "Celts, Germans and Vikings"
  • Polly Lohmann “Archaeology and Politics – or: The Odyssey of Plasters”
  • Denise Reitzenstein "Gorgo, 'the wife of Leonidas', from Sparta - and Athens?"
  • Benjamin Wilck "Are You Number Two? – The Human Being in Classical Greek Philosophy"
  • Lisa Wilhelmi "A Game of Thrones – Murder and intrigue at the Hittite royal court"
Entry and participation free of charge.

Registration required.

Additional information
Meeting point: Prozessionsstraße von Babylon

Price info: 0 € Eintritt und Teilnahme kostenfrei.

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