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Book arch at Savignyplatz
Book arch at Savignyplatz © visitBerlin, Foto: Dagmar Schwelle


Nightlife institutionalised.

They’re always going on about Prenzlauer Berg or Friedrichshain. But there are other possibilities available too: The nightlife in Charlottenburg and around Savignyplatz has just as much to offer! Let’s take the Schwarzes Café (Black Café) for example, which is open around the clock, or the 12 Apostel (12 Apostles) Restaurant, which serves wagon-wheel-size pizzas. Around Savignyplatz where there is literally a plethora of restaurants and bars, you can even meet famous people from the worlds of cinema, theatre and politics – for example in the Paris Bar and Florian. In the “Quasimodo” jazz cellar located below the Delphi-Filmpalast cinema, you can enjoy not only the finest jazz but also other music styles like funk and soul. And how can we forget Café Keese, where even today it’s still the lady’s prerogative to choose her partner there. The “Dicke Wirtin” bar-restaurant and the “Diener” curiosity restaurant are also associated with long traditions in the West Berlin city culinary life. And one final request: Being really loud at night is a NO-GO. After all, Berliners need to sleep, too, since most of them have to get up an go to work in the morning. Therefore, please keep it quiet after 10 pm out of respect for your neighbours. Thank you!