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With: Mit: Markus Bader, Jochen Becker, Jesko Fezer, Giorgio De Finis, Andreas Hofer, Gilly Karjevsky, Antonella Perin, Heidi Pretterhofer, Anna Schäffler, Simon Sheikh

Together in contradictions: the right to the city is fought for and made by many with the means of the arts, design, planning and action - in short urban practice.

Urban practice addresses global challenges at the local level.

In this way, urban practice creates and networks spaces in which the demand for the right to centrality is negotiated. Located in the local structures, urban practice allows claims in public space to be experienced directly.

At the suggestion of the Council for the Arts, the Urbane Praxis initiative was created in 2020 with Berlin-wide project partners who are developing new structural proposals for these challenges at the interface of civil society actors, administration and politics.

The now published 11 theses on the way to a manifesto of urban practice (editorial team: Jochen Becker, Anna Schäffler, Simon Sheikh) supplement the polyphonic glossary of urban practice (now also online) and form the provisional conclusion of the workshop conferences of the Urbane Initiative Practice SITUATION BERLIN, which networked locations and actors of urban practice.

So how can new forms of living together in the city be implemented that draw on the hidden stories and fragments of the past, articulate current problems and are oriented towards the future?

Conferences in Vienna, Rome, Stuttgart or Hanover actively take up the idea of urban practice.
Now transnational city networks of "drawing circles", a "Union of Urban Practice", a "House of Urban Cultures" or an "IBA of the UP" could offer forms of future cooperation.

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