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On the evening before German Unity Day, they have a very special musical and poetic contribution to the Queer Weeks: the queer-feminist duo Zuckerklub will be playing live on the Brotfabrik stage.

Marlen Pelny and Chio are poets of a more radical kind. In their songs they combine melancholic with dirty, romantic with rock. "Sugar Club sometimes sing about a dead body in front of the window and make it sound like a love song," wrote Missy Magazine.

The band subverts German-language indie rock with timeless songs. "Room for ever", "Every moment" or "Anne Will" have long since become classics of German pop.

On the evening, Marlen Pelny and Chio will radiate poetic singer/songwriter attitude with two guitars, two voices and drums and provide a good punch. They play the songs from their current EP "Somebody Like You" and of course some of their classics.