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reading with Michael Sollorz

The 22-year-old virile roofer Paul is assigned as a cellmate to an elderly writer who is being held in the Moabit prison for fraud and who has long since given up writing. But why did the young man have to be behind bars?

His reclusiveness irritates the older man: he begins to write down Paul's story, which begins with the removal of a roof in the Rigaer Strasse riot hotspot and is far from over with the death of a real estate shark on the other side of City West.

He tells of Marie, who degrades the handsome handyman to a toy boy and lives in an unhealthy symbiotic relationship with her queer brother, who in turn looks to Paul for support and causes him to stumble.

It tells of Marie's best friend who takes her own life and leaves behind a plan of action against a publicly traded company, which the surprised in love Paul gets involved in and receives support from a completely unexpected quarter. Last but not least, he tells of the tender friendship that develops between him, the writer and his roommate, who is forty years his junior - through the power of language and the power of imagination, which can call everything into question at any time. Whole stories too.

Michael Sollorz, born in East Berlin in 1962, after completing his professional training as a roofer, worked as a tent worker in a circus, as an administrative worker and zoo animal keeper. He has been a freelance writer and journalist since 1985. He has published a dozen books, including Abel and Joe (1994), The Suitability (2008) and Fifty (2013) with Rosa Winkel and Mannenschwarm publishers.

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