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Berlin 2020, late October, Sunday, 4:37 am. Cold air gets stuck between the apartment buildings and a tightness spreads through the big city that will not disappear for half a year.

For Pau and Quebe, this moment marks not only the beginning of the winter lockdown, but above all the beginning of their relationship. At first, this seems like a simple answer to the question of how to spend 6 months alone without meeting oneself. But while Pau finds a home in her relationship with Quebe, for Quebe the desire for isolation grows ever stronger. Her attempts to distract herself from her own life fail.

Even years later, when Pau's moving boxes are packed and waiting in the hallway to be taken away, P remains by Q's side. Both have become neighbours of their own by this time, but Quebe wants to try to find his way back to the beginning, to a first-person version without Pau. Even if this means encountering past problems again and perhaps recognising himself in the stranger much more than originally expected.

Does that even exist, this "I" without others?

"Maybe, now that we are so beside ourselves, maybe we are really ourselves for the first time in our lives." - Neighbour 1 in "Delicate Weave"

On the word "neighbour": here it means the state of being supposedly close to something or someone.
Participating artists
Johanna Sausen
Imke Blümke
Caroline Grau (Quebe)
Kajsa Haug Grevstad (Pau)
Hannah Geltl (Nachbar 2)
Prijna Kumar (Nachbar 1)