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Robert Metcalf & Band | 5-10 years

From ONE to TWELVE goes this journey into the world of numbers. THREE sounds like magic, FOUR practically squares. SIX counts when rolling the dice, and ELF players belong on a soccer team.

This is all about the joy of discovery, about the fun you can have with numbers - with funny movement songs, poetic songs, unusual rhythms and catchy melodies that immediately catch your ear. Come and count with Robert!

Metcalf received the Leopold Media Prize for the CD "Numbers, Please!", and he regularly delights children and adults with his live programs.

His children's songs are often heard on the radio and he can be seen again and again in the "Sendung mit dem Elefanten" (KiKa). Wittily packaged play and movement songs and British-humorous stories about quirky people and unusual situations are his trademark.

Astrid Lindgren Stage, ages 5-10, 60 minutes.

The house offer is currently not included in the ticket price due to reduced seating capacity in Pandemic.

Theater ticket: € 7,50*

Group of 3 or more: € 6,- p.p.*

Kitas and schools with voucher of the JugendKulturService: € 4,50 p.p.

Kitas and schools without JugendKulturService voucher: € 5,50 p.p.

* plus 1€ on weekends, vacations and vacation days

(Program in German)