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Humor ist das neue Sexy

If you already have a life optimization burnout from eternally decelerating and "finding yourself", this program is just right for you.

In times when self-help books and life guides are the theoretical panacea for everything and everyone and people - immersed in social media bubbles - have forgotten what it means to be a human being among people, Yves Macak has read countless guidebooks for you and now needs a guidebook that tells him exactly when and where he can best implement which advice. Since this does not exist apparently, he renounces now better the perfection striven for on all sides and rather fails cheerfully.

After all, what else did the Creator give people humor for? Humor is the new sexy, because humor plays a role in almost every form of interpersonal interaction. Yves Mack shows you how humor can help you deal with difficult situations, make new contacts and find new ways to solve previously unsolved problems. You'd better find the humor in yourself, if you already can't find yourself.

(Program in German)

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