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the open stage in Berlin for stories that life writes

Who belongs to the group of people who like to touch others with their stories? Who likes storytelling or enjoys encouraging, inspiring or simply entertaining others with their own stories?

Everyone who says yes now is welcome to YOUR STORY ON STAGE! Here, every 2nd Monday (of even-numbered months), a place on stage or in the audience awaits all who like.

What the story needs? It needs volunteers, because it springs from life! And to share it with the audience, everyone has the stage all to themselves for 5-8 minutes.

For the start of the five evenings in 2023, the theme "Your greatest adventure" was chosen.

What was or is the adventure of your life? What did you experience that you will never forget?

Sequence of events:
For the Storyteller:innen, room 16 is already open from 7 pm. The stage itself then starts at 19.30.

The entrance fee is 10-15 euros