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Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to a new edition of our Live from Earth talk show. Tonight I have a very special guest for you: Patience!

KEY VISUAL Man muss Geduld haben
KEY VISUAL Man muss Geduld haben © Mette Schlimmermann

In an inconspicuous place on any given day, people meet who seem to have nothing in common. But what if the glow fades because nothing happens to keep it going?

A small Berlin ensemble has ventured into the literature of Rainer Maria Rilke and rediscovered patience. The collage-like piece reveals the depths and contradictions of a seemingly simple subject.
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Participating artists
Anneke Bremer
Krystian Koziol
Hannah Martin
Elina Nikolaeva
Winne Rodehorst
Mette Schlimmermann
Theater im Kino