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Appeal and intervention in public urban space

Your story will be part of the exhibition at Museum Lichtenberg! Which item from your possession would you like to lend to the Museum Lichtenberg together with a souvenir

The campaign is starting now: The Museum Lichtenberg is looking for things from your life story, family history or general contemporary history - everyday, personal or historical. The object will be on display in the museum from the time it is handed over until the end of 2024, it should not exceed the dimensions of 30×30×30 cm - and of course it should be related to Lichtenberg.

As part of the campaign, lively interventions by the Mobile Museum will take place in public places. The performers present which items have already been entrusted to the museum along with exciting story(s).

The contact at the Museum Lichtenberg is the head of the archive and collection, Dr. Dirk Moldt (030-57797 388 18, Email: You can also contact him directly if you don't come across the mobile museum but have an item and history to lend.

A theater performance in cooperation with K.I.E.Z. to go Funded by "Netzwerk derWärme", an association of various civil society actors and the state of Berlin.
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