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Design, Technology & Community

The YOONAVERSE festival takes place as a conference in Berlin as well as in the Metaverse and brings design and technology together.

The goal: to understand technologies, to understand them and to create a global community. The conference offers a wealth of topics such as circular fashion, NFTs, cryptocurrency, avatars, artificial intelligence, blockchain and sustainability.


Yoonaverse was launched in April 2022 to connect fashion and technology towards circularity.

The mission is to raise awareness of sustainability, build a community of knowledge collaborations in technology, fashion and circularity, inspire new generations and contribute to the apparel industry with technology and innovation.

The event brings together fashion, entertainment and e-gaming industries, fashion tech startups, students, planet defenders and innovators.

A groundbreaking program that is analogue and digital:
The hybrid conference takes place simultaneously in the virtual and real world. Physically in Berlin and broadcast on The Berlin Metaverse®
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