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The 6th album by the band X-Perience is an electronic jewel and a consistent further development of synth pop. Cheeky and light-hearted, the eighties and nineties are quoted, but the retro feeling is combined with the freshness of today. The band's trademark is Claudia Uhle's clear voice.

After the sensational comeback in 2020 with the Top 20 album "555", the exciting and very uncompromising synthesiser-heavy successor "We Travel the world" now follows. The clear voice of Claudia Uhle, the audible trademark of the band, floats over a wide carpet of sound with wonderful melodies and harmonic twists, completely in the style of the 80s and 90s. As if the sound had never been more up-to-date, pearly synthi-melodies and broad sound collages paired with fine beats flow together here.  Life in its sheer infinite size, beauty and preciousness is processed here lyrically in a light and above all soulful way.  "We Travel the World" is not only a journey around the world, but also a journey to love, life and joy, and also simply good radio and dance music with style and a clear target group.

X-Perience, that's Claudia Uhle (Vocals), Alex Kaiser (Synth-Bass) and Matthias Uh-le(Keyboards) one of the most successful SynthiePop-Bands in Germany. Produced by Multiplatnum Producer Bernd Wendlandt / Valicon Producer Forum Berlin (Silbermond, Silly, X-Perience and many more) who was also responsible for X-Perience's first two gold albums.

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