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On the outskirts of Berlin, you will go in search of tracks with the tracking expert Stefanie Argow. There are traces and signs to be discovered that allow us to draw conclusions about the biodiversity of our target area. If we decode them correctly, they allow us to dive deep into the world of wildlife.

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: WWF Erlebnistour: Berliner Artenvielfalt - Fuchs, Wildschwein & Co auf der Spur
© Ralph Frank / WWF

The tour starts in the early early forenoon near Potsdam at Güterfelder Haussee.
An introduction to tracking is followed by an approximately six-hour hike through various habitats, discussing the finds and tracks along the way.

A feather on the ground reveals the presence of a certain bird species, a wild boar track tells us what the herd has been up to during the night. There are lots of riddles to solve on this exciting hike around Berlin.

Please bring the following with you:       
  • Pen and paper       
  • Folding rule or tape measure       
  • Weatherproof clothing (we sometimes stand longer at an exciting track)       
  • Food for the day       
  • possibly a camera to record the found signs and tracks       
  • and everything you like to have with you outside (e.g. binoculars).
With its tours, WWF not only wants to draw attention to the beauty of our nature and the need to protect it. Here people should have the chance to experience together what exactly needs to be protected and how, and where the challenges lie.
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Additional information
  • six to a maximum of twelve people (minimum age 13)
  • Prior booking required
  • The tour ends back at the starting point.

Parkplatz am NORDzipfel des Güterfelder Haussees