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A dance journey of discovery to the human roots

Roots stand for strength and resistance, but also for security and anchoring, for cohesion and growth. "Wurzala" is the Old High German term for it.

Two dancers go in search of movements that reflect characteristics of roots. They combine West African, Afro-Caribbean and contemporary dance and ask: How can people understand the complex connections and ramifications of life with the help of roots? Can people use their bodies to find solutions when their roots are under pressure? Like a network of roots, how can they grow stronger together?

For the development of the duet, they engage in an intensive exchange with a school class in order to explore the concept of cohesion and resistance through movement together with the young audience.
Additional information
Berlin Mondiale und der Evangelischen Kirchengemeinde in der Gropiusstadt.
Participating artists
Jarita Freydank (Komposition, Live-Musik)
Falk Grever (Produktionsleitung)
Jaq Lisboa (Bühnen- und Kostümbild)
Luana Madikera (Idee, Choreografie, Tanz)
Amelie Mallmann (Dramaturgie)
Arnold Toko (Co-Choreografie, Tanz)