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Based on motifs by Arkadi & Boris Strugatzki

DESIRE MACHINE tells of a sealed off anomalous territory, the Zone. A writer and a scientist confide in the local stalker, a border crosser who leads them into the forbidden zone. There, it is said, wishes come true. The expedition becomes an immersive journey into the inner world of the protagonists.

Director Maksim Didenko, together with acting students from HfS Ernst Busch, is developing his own vision of the classic material of Russian science fiction literature.

A dystopian expedition into the unconscious

Playing: Jakob Gühring, Florian Heise, Uriel Jung, Leonie Krieg

  • Director: Maksim Didenko
  • Stage: Pavel Semchenko
  • Composer: Alexander Karpov
  • Text version: Ensemble
  • Costume: Pavel Semchenko, Simone Pätzold, Marie Lindemann, Sonja Lüdersdorf
  • Prop: Ilse Schmidt
  • Video: Oleg Mikhailov
  • Photography: Maria Rodigina
  • Assistant director: Basil Zecchinel

Thanks to: MaHalla Berlin
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