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In contrast to a present focused on effectiveness and utility, there is a great virtue of “waste”: devotion. It is one of the wonders of the human species - what would coexistence, what would human history be without devotion?

And how strange: by surrendering, letting go and giving up many things, people grow beyond themselves. In love and music you can experience the experience and dimension that devotion opens up: it transcends space and time.

What can musicians say about this using the examples of Bach's compositions and Arabic folk music?

In the stage area of the Bach music theater “The Devil in the Lift”, the lobby of the “Hotel Heaven”, the piece begins with a joint, quite contentious investigation and with our own explorations of this special human gift. Perhaps devotion can also be further developed as an active form of communication - for everyday life, in encounters with yourself and others.

The hosts are the health researcher, neuroscientist, doctor and author Prof. Dr. Tobias Esch, the artistic director of the Neukölln Opera and Wunderkammer series Bernhard Glocksin, the harpsichordist Elina Albach and the Moroccan oud virtuoso Alaa Zouiten

WITH Prof. Dr. Tobias Esch (Uni Witten-Herdecke), Bernhard Glocksin, Elina Albach (harpsichord), Alaa Zouiten (oud)
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