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Woyzeck kills Marie. That's how the story goes, inevitably - or at least that's what we believe. When Büchner wrote his drama fragment, Woyzeck was a soldier, subject to the authority of a captain and a doctor.

Today, he might be out in digital space, in men's forums and pick-up artist courses, searching for a virtual authority. But does it really have to end in violence? Does Woyzeck have to kill Marie? Or hasn't Marie already abandoned her own story?

Director Brian Bell examines the drama fragment for its modernity, researching masculinities, radicalization, loneliness - and the chance to break out of the structure of violence.

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Participating artists
Brian Bell (Regie)
Lea Mantel (Dramaturgie)
Daniel Unger (Bühne & Kostüme)
Georg Büchner (Autor/in)
Julian Trostorf
Thomas Georgi
Andreas Klopp