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Workshop in Englisch

Traditional Rhythms and Improvisation

Introducing Korean Traditional percussion and its rhythm, and presenting
how it is applied on free improvisation. After a presentation, people
can freely participate in the jam session.

  • PART 1: Workshop & Präsentation
  • (Break)
  • PART 2: Jam Session

Biography of Woonjung Sim:
Woonjung Sim is a percussionist known for her work both in Korean traditional music as well as improvisation and experimental circles. Starting her musical training at ten, she has developed a diverse skill set, including piano, flute, guitar, and vocals.
Woonjung has spent time in New York City exploring new musical directions as an Artist in Residency from the Korean government and has been involved in various performances in the US, Japan, and China.
She holds a Master's degree from Seoul National University and continues to be active as a percussionist and improviser in both Seoul and abroad.