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"words worlds forests" allows contemporary music to enter into a dialogue with wild landscapes and nature and implants this into the urban landscape of Berlin.

The ensemble hear now berlin works with two young composers, Gabriella Smith and Michaela Catranis, in search of an art form that sees itself as “climate music” and creates a symbiosis of acoustic ecology and sound art in a collaborative practice.

A new work by Michaela Catranis, music by Gabriella Smith, field recordings and improvisations are embedded in an immersive visual concept that Michaela Catranis designed for the evening.
Additional information
hear now berlin, founded in Berlin in 2018 by the American flautist Kelly Watson Woelffer, is a young chamber music formation dedicated to innovative, current music. Her focus is on music that dissolves boundaries and fuses avant-garde, jazz, pop and free improvisation practices into a “post-genre” sound art.

The six musicians from Australia, Germany, New Zealand and the USA are not only at home in classical-romantic orchestral and chamber music, but also have experience in composition, jazz, electronic music and improvisation. As hear now berlin, they play works by young, contemporary composers who joyfully celebrate a wide variety of influences and personal preferences.