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Wolf Eyes is an American experimental music group from Detroit, Michigan, founded in 1996 by Nate Young. Wolf Eyes are currently a duo and are one of the best-known representatives of contemporary noise music. In the 20 years of its existence, the group has released 297 recordings.

In 2022, the group released Dreams in Splattered Lines on the Disciples label, which is part of Warp, celebrating their 25th band anniversary. The album combines 25 years of Wolf Eyes' DIY electronics with the avant-garde sensibilities of Fluxus and the granite of dull Midwestern life. The result is a surreal dreamscape of confusing sound collages in which the hits transform into terrariums of sonic flora and decimated fauna, and continues some of the ideas explored on the collaboration album Presents Difficult Messages.

As if sprung from a fever dream, the surrealists of the 1960s meet alien electronic blues musicians in a mysterious underworld. The air is thick with white noise from the car radio, crackling and hissing like a poisonous elixir, and spoken word poetry broadcasts in the form of absurd and cryptic phrases. Every corroded acoustic environment is a microcosm of chaos, honed with razor-sharp precision.

Be swept away by a whirlwind of thirteen bewildering tales, each an unpredictable journey through subterranean worlds, a sonic trip of reality folded in on itself.

Co-founder Nate Young explains: "This record was recorded after we finished our residency at the New York Public Library in early 2022. We spent a lot of time in New York during the residency, but because of Covid we had limited access the library archives. We spent 4-5 hours in the library and then went to museums. The MET exhibition Surrealism Beyond Borders had a big influence on this record. The spoken word poetry of the Chicago Surrealists performed by musicians was inspiring and affirming. "While Surrealism could often produce poetic and even humorous works, it was also used as a much more serious weapon in the fight for political, social and personal freedom, by many more artists around the world."