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From spring 2022 you can see the new exhibition on Moses Mendelssohn at the Jewish Museum. 

Grafische Bearbeitung eines Gemäldes von Johann Christoph Frisch
Grafische Bearbeitung eines Gemäldes von Johann Christoph Frisch © Jüdisches Museum Berlin, Foto: Roman März

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Immigrant, enlightener, and self-made intellectual: Moses Mendelssohn was a European celebrity in his own time and remains a central figure in German Jewry today.

The exhibition of the Jewish Museum Berlin tells of Mendelssohn's life in Berlin and shows him in the midst of a time of upheaval and departure as an integration figure of polarizing forces.

Moses Mendelssohn discussed questions of philosophy and politics with his Christian friends. As an author, he challenges his audience to think critically. As a law-abiding Jew, he combines tradition with the ideas of the Enlightenment, is committed to secular education and civic equality for Jews as Jews. His translation of the Torah makes religious knowledge accessible to all.

The exhibition presents the epoch of the Enlightenment as a laboratory of change: human rights, freedom of opinion and the diversity of individual life plans are formulated and demanded.

With his arguments for the emancipation of the Jews, for minority rights and the relationship between state and religion, Mendelssohn opens the way to modernity - and provokes questions about Jewish identity to this day.

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From early 2022!