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Nature discovery tour of the Pankow Environmental Office

On an exploration tour, shortly before the winter solstice, around the Lazy Lake, the focus is on the silent nature that surrounds us. For this purpose, small playful, abstract experiments are made.

Vogelbeobachtung Umweltbüro Pankow

Nature is in its winter break, the animals in torpor (hibernation). Using nature education methods, the participants are encouraged to do the same and to sharpen all their senses. Because we humans can also draw new strength from winter rest, coupled with being in nature.

During the discovery tour through the nature reserve (NSG) Pankow Fauler See, we look into the dormant crowns of the trees. Many bird nests are easy to find. You can see which branch forks were particularly welcome to the birds and with a little practice you can see and name the birds. Along the way, scientific knowledge is imparted.

Target group: adults, children

Tuesday, 20.12.2022, 10:00 - 12:00 hrs

Meeting point: Umweltbüro Pankow
Hansastraße 182A
13088 Berlin

Further information:
Tel. (030) 92091007 or

Organiser: Umweltbüro Pankow
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Umweltbüro Pankow