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The first thing that comes to your mind when you think Germany probably isn't wine, and if it is then it is likely riesling from the Mosel. That is because Germany is keeping their wines as one of their best kept secrets.

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: Wein- und Käseverkostung
© Visa de Vino

There are 100s of grape varieties grown in Germany, and 13 different wine regions producing phenomenal wines at a killer price point. I am going to share with you a few of my favorites!

I have hand picked some of my favorite wines and winemakers from all over Germany. During this tasting we will travel through our glasses to different wine regions in Germany where we will try different varieties of wine. You will leave this tasting with a new found appreciation for the wines grown in Germany, and some hacks for navigating a wine list.

This event is for wino's of all levels and no experience is required. My approach to wine tasting is for people to have fun and learn something new. There is absolutely no snobbery allowed here!

If you've ever been intimidated when tasting wine, join in. We will start the tasting off with how you taste wine, and then we will use this method as we go through each wine.

This event is a great way to try new wines, meet new people, and experience a bit of Germany from the heart of Berlin.

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The event will be held in English. Tickets must be purchased in advance.
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