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Pointe of no Return

For all fun volunteers there is a syllable stripe on the horizon - Germany's most famous word twister & syllable fisherman, Prince Albern of Monaco, enters the stages with his greatest joke: Willy Astor.

The felt grandson of Karl Valentin and Heinz Erhardt has been a podium singer for 35 years - from Berlin to Basel, from Vienna to Westerland. And in these 35 years, the word acrobat, singer-songwriter and exceptional guitarist has created a variety of musical jewels: from the wheel cap to his alcohol number, from the fiber mackerel to "Maschin scho putzt", his "Childish Ocean" alone is now a classic on every children's CD shelf , his Sound Of Islands project will delight any fan of instrumental music.

This evening consists of humor straight from the producer and a comedian who, as a former toolmaker, still sees his mouth as a craft. POINTE OF NO RETURN: the best of the imaginative. Going there is a prankster duty - because laughter is and remains systemically relevant!

(Program in German)

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