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William Vicanco and Ernesto Rodriguez are two giants of Cuban music. Look forward to an authentic musical journey to the Caribbean.

William Vivanco, or El Cimarrón, is a Cuban singer-songwriter. He is currently a member of the group Interactivo and is touring Europe with them, but also has his own projects. Now we could win him for a flying visit in Berlin.

He writes mainly love songs that taste like the Caribbean island. William goes through the world with open eyes and was able to produce an album with the knowledge of someone who knows how to touch the soul and reach hearts through his magic. William was born in Santiago de Cuba. In 2002 he entered the national music scene and attracted great attention with the single Cimarrón. With his first album Lo tengo to pensao, produced by Emilio Vega, he was able to play himself into the favor of national and international audiences. Thanks to his vocal training in the Coro Madrigalista de Santiago de Cuba, internationally known for its quality, his productions encompass a wide variety of musical genres. He fuses traditional music with bold Caribbean ideas, testifying to a solid local training and a wide-ranging musical background. He covers genres such as Latin jazz, son, pilón, reguee, Mozambique, samba and changüí. His second production was La isla milagrosa in 2006, a production with Descemer Bueno and Roberto Carcasés, and El mundo está cambiao in 2010, with producer Robert Aaron. After several years of spiritual search and artistic revival, William Vivanco now produced his new album 13 con magia. In it, he assembles the sum of his musical experiences to date into a musical exploration of his native island.

Ernesto Rodriguez, born in Santiago de Cuba, is an internationally known singer-songwriter. He became known in the Spanish-speaking market back in the 1990s with the duo "Postrova," with whom he recorded two albums in Spain. He shared the stage with artists such as Pablo Milanés, Silvio Rodríguez, Miguel Bosé, Fito Páez, Miguel Ríos, César Portillo, etc. This extraordinary Cuban artist, who is also an excellent guitarist, currently lives in Berlin. "Alternative Latin" is the musical concept. A repertoire full of color, melody and poetry, from bossa to blues and pop, from Afro-Cuban roots to rumba, funk and bolero.

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