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An evening of contemporary poetry & music by artists from (exile)Iran

»Will I comb my hair with the wind again?« asks Forugh Farochzzad, one of the most important poets of Iranian modernism, who continues to inspire Iranian artists today. Since the Islamic Revolution of 1979, they have only been able to express social criticism in Iran if they accept censorship and imprisonment, they work underground or go into exile.

Poets like Maryam Fathi or Sara Mohammadi Ardehali represent feminist positions, they reflect on the position of women in contemporary Iranian society, question traditional role stereotypes of Iranian men and women, write about eroticism and female desire like Fatemeh Ekhtesari, while Athena Farrokhzad in »Vitsvit/Bleiweiß« specifically addresses queer-feminist and transcultural spaces of experience and experiences of racism in Europe.

The evening takes up these voices and brings them together, e.g. with music by composers from the ICFA network (Iranian Female Composers Association) as well as improvisations with voice, santur, saxophone and sound percussion by musicians living in Berlin. The poems are read in German and Persian.

With Homa Faghiri (recitation), Azin Zahedi (santur & flute), Aida Shahidi (voice & sound percussion), Kathrin von Kieseritzky (saxophone) and others. Artistic direction: Teresa Reiber

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The event takes place as part of the Kultursommerfestival Berlin 2023.
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