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Puppet theatre Fingerleicht

Suddenly everything is different: the brothers, Elisa's favourite playmates, have disappeared. Instead, swans are circling in the sky. After a while, the proud birds sadly fly away. Are they Elisa's brothers? The girl sets off alone on an arduous search for them. She finally finds them and risks her life because she wants to get her brothers back. A feather-light adventure about the magic and power that lies within each of us.

Puppet play based on the fairy tale of the same name by Hans-Christian Andersen

By and with the Fingerleicht puppet theatre

For people aged 3 and over

Date: Saturday, 20.01.2024
Time: 16:30

Location: Kurt Tucholsky Library
                  Esmarchstraße 18, 10407 Berlin

Please register at: or (030) 90295-3963

(Program in German)
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