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A contemplative show with UTA SCHORN and EVA MARIA PIECKERT

The most beautiful German and international Christmas carols, amusing, cheeky and heartwarming Christmas stories will put not only the artists but also the audience in the mood for a merry - contemplative pre-Christmas period.

Porträts der beiden Künstlerinnen Uta Schorn und Eva Maria Pieckert
Porträts der beiden Künstlerinnen Uta Schorn und Eva Maria Pieckert Schorn / Pieckert

Eva Maria Pieckert: Her voice combines almost all singing virtues. She can be very quiet and yet of beguiling intensity, she can sing her songs from the throat with a highly professional vocal technique, she can...sing with her soul!

And she welcomes "In aller Freundschaft" the actress Uta Schorn, whom she holds in high esteem: She achieved great popularity as the presenter of the show "Wunschbriefkasten" and looked into the living rooms from Cape Arkona to the Fichtelberg for decades with the legendary show. For the series "Bereitschaft Dr. Federau" she received, among others, the viewer award "Fernsehliebling". As chief secretary of the Saxon clinic and member of the patchwork family of "Dr. Kleist" she became a favorite of the audience.

Together, the two artists invite you to a cozy, wintry Christmas show.

(Program in German)
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