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International co-production with IYASA, Zimbabwe

While some people are chatting about the weather, others are watching in uncertainty as the world's climate continues to deteriorate. The news reports about hurricanes, floods of the century and droughts, worldwide (young) people are getting loud and taking to the streets: What does their future look like in a world that has long been on fire?

The African continent is one of the first to suffer the consequences of global warming. Zimbabwe and Germany have completely different starting points, which is why they seek an exchange and address the climate catastrophe in a global context. In doing so, the production creates an emotional access to a topic that forces us to pull together like no other.

It brings together theater and visions from two countries and poses the big question of how we can go on: with ourselves and with the earth.

(In German and English)

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Additional information
IYASA, Simbabwe

Participating artists
Anna Vera Kelle (Regie)
Andreas A. Strasser (Ausstattung)
Natascha Manthe
Justus Verdenhalven