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Based on an idea by Wiebke Acton

Wiebke is from Berlin and lives in the small English town of Todmorden. She enjoys the rural existence in green Yorkshire, but when she comes to Berlin, her heart starts beating faster. Where does she belong? And what is home, anyway?

Wiebke Acton, a member of the Globe Ensemble since 2019, sets off in search of her own identity in a turbulent program of theater and cabaret. With songs and lyrics by German and English authors, she tells of being torn between worlds, of the moving encounter with foreign traditions and the deep longing for the paradise of her childhood, the great city of Berlin, which is at once lure and repulsion, fulfillment and disappointment, an undying lover and a fleeting affair.

  • With Wiebke Acton, Philipp Myk, Hannes Buder
  • Direction: Mathias Schönsee and ensemble / Music: Ensemble and Bernd Medek

Language: German

(Here you can find the performances in English)

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