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A musical wrestling performance

Whether at the kitchen or regular table, on the street, at work or among friends, tempers are heated. Debates about war, speed limits, migration, gender stars, meat or tofu sausages are stirring up society. But is there THE one right answer or isn't the crucial question actually a different one? How can people live together even if they have different opinions? The solution to all problems...wrestling!

Get into the ring and enjoy a trash spectacle in a class of its own. Until it says...aaaaand the winner is:

They celebrate the constructive dispute, the struggle for sovereignty of interpretation and musically counteract us on stage. Four performers enter the ring - not just as wrestlers, but as representatives of a polarized society, armed with the diverse clichéd attributions of our time. They face the dispute between world views and the sovereignty of interpretation, highlighting the complexity and multi-layered nature of social positions through their performances.

Each performer and each wrestling art figure expresses a voice - the pain and striving - of a respective milieu. They struggle not only with each other, but with the prejudices and stereotypes that we all share, but also divide identities.

The performances delight the audience with current discourses, the artists trample on prejudices and put climate deniers, conservatives and political correctness in a headlock.

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