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Meine Heimat ist ein fernes Land

Events and prophecies, news and lies, hopes and disappointments - everything is happening in the temperate countries. Wenzel has long known more than one song about this.

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: WENZEL & BAND
© Sandra Buschow

The current album is called "Das Allerschönste noch nicht gesehn".
Like a shaman, a prophet of doom, he conjures up the crises and catastrophes in the small and big worlds, in parties, social groups and in love, in order to perhaps be able to avert them with the last of his strength, to give history a good ending after all. Everything is now called crisis!

The drum is hammering time out of joint. There is no land in sight. The bass makes the circumstances dance and on the clashing waves of guitars, accordion and piano, the raw singing soars, drunk on the beauty of the world and unstoppable by unquenched longing. Trumpets blow the march to it. Take your glass and throw it against the wall!

This is not about fashion or mainstream. This is about everything.

Wenzel is an author, composer, musician, singer, actor and director. Tours have taken him through France, Austria, America, Nicaragua, Cuba, Turkey, among others. Wenzel stood with Arlo Guthrie, Randy Newman, Billy Bragg, Konstantin Wecker and many other musicians.

Wenzel has survived honours ranging from the GOLDEN AMIGA, the Heinrich Heine Prize to the German Cabaret Prize, the German Record Critics' Award (eight times), as well as the Liederbestenliste Prize.

Concert line-up:
  • Wenzel: vocals, guitar, accordion, piano
  • Hannes Scheffler: Guitars, Bass
  • Thommy Krawallo: Guitars, Bass
  • Stefan Dohanetz: drums, percussion
  • Manuel Abreu: Trumpet

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