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The renowned Flintstones Big Band from the Neukölln Music School invites music lovers and Christmas enthusiasts to an unforgettable concert experience. This year's Christmas concert with the Feuerstein family promises not only rousing Christmas hits in big band sound, but also the participation of many guests and soloists.

Special highlights of the evening are numerous vocal and instrumental soloists who will enchant the audience with their outstanding musical skills and charm and make the concert a unique experience.

This year, the Flintstones Big Band under the direction of Daniel Busch is looking forward to welcoming the Neukölln brass ensemble and the music school's chamber orchestra with angelic string soloists, for whom special orchestral arrangements of international Christmas titles have been made to create an unforgettable Christmas atmosphere together to accomplish.

You are warmly invited to take part in this festive evening and enjoy the unique mix of big band music and orchestral Christmas atmosphere.

The Feuerstein family looks forward to seeing you!
Additional information
Admission to the concert is free. (Please let us know at the entrance if you only want to attend the concert)