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A little poetry slam. A good dose of live painting. And a dash of magical 1920s time travel. This is the Wedding Slam Royale: Poetry meets Painting at Ballhaus Wedding.

At the Wedding Slam Royale, the neighborhood poets bring poetry slam together with a variety of other arts. More crossover than competition. Because even if you decide in the end which side wins - today the word art of Poetry Slammer:innen merges with live painting - improvised and inspired by the texts, on canvas in front of your eyes.

The Wedding Slam Royale used to go by the name "Fusion Slam" - don't worry, they're still the old ones, just with a shinier name! Every edition is different here: At the only regular slam deluxe show in Berlin, they bring poetry slam together with other arts every month: crime, jazz, acting, painting, improv, comedy. Each show is absolutely unique!

Where does the Wedding Slam Royale take place?

The main location of the Fusion Slam is the Ballhaus Wedding - a chic hall for about 150 guests, near Osloer Straße. The Ballhaus Wedding brings this extraordinary show to a hall that couldn't be more appropriate: Between chandeliers and peeling plaster, a gold-decorated entrance and, well, the Wedding.

(Program in German)