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staged reading with Willi van Hengel & Magnus Tautz

Justify your existence aesthetically – and watch yourself do it. Or admitting to yourself that you don't actually understand what's happening in the world. Or turn the whole thing around: view non-understanding as the ethical basis of life. How about a poetry of indifference? An attitude that leaves nothing untouched - would this be a first step? And where?

Willi van Hengel has composed a series of his previously published texts. The result is a multifaceted patchwork quilt that explores existential questions but can never be completed. His poetry is tender, his pose experimental and clear, contrasted and accompanied by the piano sounds of Magnus Tautz.

Willi van Hengel, born in 1963, studied philosophy, German and political science in Bonn. After completing his master's degree on Nietzsche and Derrida (which remained the theme of his life), he began writing literary and published his first novel "Lucile" in 2006. This was followed by “Morbus vitalis” in 2008 and finally the volume of poetry “Wunderblocks” in 2010. In the meantime, love moved him to Berlin-Weißensee, where his two plays “De Janeiro” (2018) and “flanzendörfer” (2021) were also performed. Van Hengel works as a writer and editor for publishers and in the German Bundestag.

Magnus Tautz, born in 1968, studied German and theology in Erfurt and Berlin, works as a teacher in Brandenburg and lives in Berlin. He published poetry and short stories in anthologies and magazines, including: in the “poetry album”. He is a member of the Society for Contemporary Poetry (GZL) and stages his own texts and songs in theater projects. Since 2017 he has been a member of the cabaret group “Die Lehrcorps” and, as a musician, part of the basement band “Die goldenenguitars”.