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An improvised comedy show through European languages and cultures

Improvised theater is as familiar in Europe as bread is with butter. The performers in this show come from three different countries, throwing themselves into the audience's arms and improvising as if they had always played in this cross-border formation. In this show, the three actors draw from full sources - from the full wealth of European languages, proverbs and stereotypes.

They draw from the wealth of audience interactions and ideas, and from the rich inspirations that emerge from the improvised scenes and interactions with one another. The audience plays a central role in this. Don't worry, nobody has to come on stage for this. Nevertheless, ideas, proverbs, stereotypes, European anecdotes and mental images are welcome and can be introduced.

The three actors lovingly stage spontaneous stories, scenes and songs. The differences in European languages and cultures are made visible and tangible, while at the same time what connects them becomes tangible. A fast-paced ride through wild, interactive stories is created with humor and lightness.

The show will be performed primarily in German, but French, Austrian, English, Alsatian and other forms of the language will certainly be found on stage. The universal body language will be the connecting basis.

Three experienced improvisation actors: Bruno Dreyfürst from France (Strasbourg), Trixi Brunschko from Austria (Graz) and Christian Sauter from Germany (Berlin). They are accompanied by Uwe Matschke, an equally improvising musician on the keyboard.

What the performers have in common is professional improvisational theatre, the art of staging and a long shared history. In the past 10 to 15 years they have met and played together on various international improvisational theater stages. However, the three of them have never been on stage together for a joint production.

Admission is free, the registration tool will be activated from September 1, 2023.

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