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Thematic guided tour and discussion with Thomas Huber and Christoph Martin Vogtherr, SPSG

The artist Thomas Huber paints pictures and speaks in front of them in the exhibition. He invites the audience to follow him and, speaking, he leads the viewers into the picture. He puts his audience into the picture. In 2014, he painted "Shop Sign." It shows his gallery in Geneva, in Switzerland and refers to the "Shop Sign of the Art Dealer Gersaint" by Antoine Watteau. In the exhibition, where both paintings can be seen, he will talk to Christoph Martin Vogtherr, General Director of the Foundation of Prussian Palaces and Gardens Berlin-Brandenburg, about the special features of his painting and the reference to Watteau's shop sign. Thomas Huber and Christoph Martin Vogtherr invite the audience to follow them into the pictorial space of the "Shop Sign".

Thomas Huber, Das Ladenschild, 2014
Thomas Huber, Das Ladenschild, 2014 © Thomas Huber/ Bildkunst Bonn, Foto: Winfried Mateyka

Thomas Huber, born 1955 in Zurich, lives in Berlin. Museum exhibitions in numerous museums in and outside Europe.
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