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Whether light, sound, conception or press: different actors from the HKW team share their knowledge and open up new perspectives on the exhibition O Quilombismo.

With Prof. Dr. Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung, Artistic Director and Chief Curator / Henriette Gallus, Deputy Artistic Director / Cosmin Costinaș , Felix Fuchs, Paz Guevara, Lisa Xenia Ness and Shohreh Shakoory (exhibition practices) / Muhammad Ali Sözen (exhibition construction) / Julia Büki, Marie Helene Pereira and Carlos Maria Romero aka Atabey (performative practices) / Emilienne Fernande Bodo and Lama El Khatib (architectural and spatial practices) / Rosa Cordillera Castillo and Sara Morais dos Santos Bruss (scientific, digital and media practices) / Dzekashu MacViban and Alexandra Ortiz Wallner (literary and oral organ practices) / Eric Otieno Sumba, Fiona Shipwright and Jill Winder (publication practices) / Çiğdem C. Kolain, Marine Lucina, Daniel Neugebauer and Eva Stein (cultural education) / Jan Trautmann (communication) and many more. a.

  • Every Saturday & Sunday
  • included in the ticket
  • Meeting point: counter in the Sylvia Wynter foyer
Additional information
Meeting point: Counter in the Sylvia Wynter Foyer

Price info: Admission: included in exhibition ticket.