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The Hurdle Jumper project rolls out the red carpet and lets Neukölln shine in a very special way. The hurdle jumper fundraising gala from Berlin for Berlin is supported by:

Bernadette La Hengst – discourse rock & changing instruments: one-woman show

Elisa Aseva – Poetic short texts as a product of the everyday life of an unskilled worker

Aziza A. – rapper, singer or simply the Queen of Oriental HipHop

Katharina Greve – comic reading with absurd humor, subtle time analysis and striking lines

Flying Steps Diploma: the next generation is ready – funky styles and street dance

Fil (moderator) – master of digression, with Berlin charm and snark

As diverse as the line-up of this gala is, the people who make up the hurdler mentoring projects are just as diverse. In 13 years, a total of over 1,200 refugees, trainees and students have jumped over hurdles as mentees in the projects together with their voluntary mentors and managed to achieve their personal goals: »My mentor showed me that you can Don’t give up right away!” (Mentee Rasha)

In order to be able to continue the student mentoring successfully, this fundraising gala is being organized. Help students go their own way by purchasing a ticket.

Entry costs €35.00 (plus advance booking fee). By purchasing a tandem ticket for €70.00 (plus pre-booking fee), you also co-finance the free entry of an active mentee in addition to your own. If you would like to give more: the admission price can be rounded up to €100.00.
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