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“It is beyond the power of a biographer to give a truthful portrayal of this society. The whole thing is nothing more than a miasma, a deception. It's always the same. Patriarchy is everything and nothing. It is the most powerful brew in the world's cauldron and at the same time non-existent due to the insignificance of almost all of its activities.

I'm tired of this company. This self-congratulation, the putting down, the kissing, just so that some random men with no manners and no sensitivity can misplace my work? Let everything go up in flames that nature did not intend. Set the hypocrisy on fire. The false loyalty of pride must perish. Men are full of it; all virtue is foreign to them. I will teach him humility.” Over three hundred years of biography in one evening and the question “How do you write against contempt?”

Based on “Orlando” by Virginia Woolf Director / Text: Lily Kuhlmann Assistant Director: Svantje Leithäuser Dramaturgy / Text: Hannah Siecksmeier
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