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The actress Heide Bartholomäus and the pianist and composer Hannes Zerbe open the doors to room 16 with entertaining, unbelievable or sometimes bizarre and thought-provoking stories, poems and songs (including texts by Heinrich von Kleist, Bertolt Brecht, Gottfried Benn, Kurt Tucholsky and Sergej Michalkow) about the country and its people, as well as with compositions by Hanns Eisler and Hannes Zerbe.

Heide Bartholomäus and Hannes Zerbe have been joint projects in various formations for almost 30 years. They are currently performing with the 17-piece Hannes Zerbe Jazz Orchestra and can also be heard on "Style Exercises" (lyrics by Raymond Queneau), accompanied by Hannes Zerbe on piano, Jürgen Kupke on clarinet and Horst Nonnenmacher on bass.

(Program in German)