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Performances by Yulia Arsen / Tatiana Chizhikova & Roman Malyavkin

“FRACTIONAL STEP” by Tatiana Chizhikova and Roman Malyavkin is about the deconstruction of folk dance in all its ambivalence between virtuosity, bravura and desperation. Danced resistance to shame and anger as well as acts of survival in times of upheaval.

The choreographers Yulia Arsen and Tatiana Chizhikova belong to a generation of young artists from Russia that is undergoing change. In their works they address disturbingly dominant narratives of traditions and national identities, questioning and subverting these through their embodied practice.

Both projects celebrated their premiere in August 2023 at the ImPulsTanz – Vienna International Dance Festival and will be shown for the first time in Germany at Radialsystem as part of the “VOICES” festival.

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With Support from Site Art Projects and AFF Projects.

The VOICES Festival is a project of CLSX. CLSX is an initiative of Karsten Witt Music Management.


Media partners: taz - die tageszeitung, tip Berlin, Exberliner, Rausgegangen.

→ The complete programme at Radialsystem
Participating artists
Yulia Arsen (Choreografie und Performance (The WHIP))
Till Mertens (Musik (The Whip))
Nicole Seiler (Outside Eye (The Whip))
Tatiana Chizhikova (Choreografie und Performance (Fractional Step))
Roman Malyavkin (Musik (Fractional Step))
Tatiana Chizhikova, Anna Semenova-Ganz (Dramaturgie (Fractional Step))